Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lacing it up

I'm really loving this black lace top that I inherited from a friend. I can put any plain old tank top under it and suddenly have an outfit that's vibrant and multi-textured and layered and just interesting in so many ways!

I especially enjoy wearing it over bright colors, because I love bright colors, and the black lace tones them down just enough to add a touch of seriousness for work.

Of course, today I totally negated that effect by adding a bright pink skirt and earrings, and letting the pink edges of my socks peek out over the tops of my already-over-the-top (for the workplace, at least) boots. I decided that more toning-down was necessary, so I added a sober black cardigan.

But the cardigan came off in the evening when I left the office and headed over to trivia night at the bar!

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