Saturday, October 11, 2014



If rainbow is my favorite color scheme and stars are my favorite motif, houndstooth might be my favorite pattern.

Last winter, I got a black and white houndstooth dress. The pattern was giant and digitized and exaggerated, and I loved it! Until I wore it for the first time, and then I found that the neckline didn't really suit me. I was about to sell it, when I realized it still had lots of potential as a layering piece, as long as I kept the top half covered up!

Here is my first attempt. I originally thought this outfit was pretty fun because it featured a houndstooth jacket over the houndstooth dress, but later I noticed the pattern on the jacket is not actually houndstooth!

Oh well. At least I can still say I enjoy the effect of the dress just barely peeking out from under the bottom hem of the jacket.

Why am I so soft-focus? Is this a dream sequence?
I also performed quite a feat of color coordination, matching the pastel pink of the jacket with my dainty little earrings and even the rubber band I used to secure my braid.

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