Friday, October 3, 2014

Plaid, Polka Dots, and Pink

Generally, I like to take a pretty hyper-coordinated approach to dressing. Everything I wear must complement everything else I wear. If they look like they were sold as a matched set, so much the better!

This is why I just haven't been able to get onboard with the continuing trend (especially among the fashion set) of mixing prints.

However, an Unfashionista is nothing without a spirit of adventure, so I decided to dip my toes in the water for only the second time in my fashion-blogging life (the first was a few years ago when I decided to combine stars with lace) by wearing a polka-dotted dress with a plaid jacket.

This time, they are tied together by a common color scheme (black and white) so this is a minimally daring foray. But a day without color is like a day without sunshine, so I couldn't resist perking it all up with a pair of pink shoes. You'll notice the shoes also have polka dots, but not just any polka dots—they have polka dots aligned in rows, just like on the dress!

Looks like this ostensible fashion adventure turned out to be pretty hyper-coordinated after all.

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