Sunday, October 26, 2014

One pin down

I just had a great idea for a joke!
Today's outfit was inspired by the weather. Cold, rainy, and unimproved by the lack of heat from our ever-reliable building facilities department at work, it was not a day for dressing in short sleeves or light layers. I pulled out the warmest dress I could find and proceeded to contemplate ways to make it more interesting.

Dark blue velvet, I thought, would go well with bright green velvet, so out came the eye-piercing neon green shoes. I needed something to unify the disparate colors, so initially I went for the only bright green necklace I own. But I wore that necklace the last time I wore those shoes, so I didn't feel excited about the pairing. Then it occurred to me that now was a perfect time to work in one of grandma's brooches.

The green leaf with copper accents had never been worn, even though green is one of my favorite colors. True, it was not nearly such a clear spring green as the shoes, but Style Tip introducing another shade of the same color is usually not a bad move. So, on it went! And served, incidentally, to help keep my neckline in place, since it was having a tendency to droop.

End-of-the-day-messy-hair cannot stop me from enjoying the joke I'm about to make.
My next challenge was choosing a title for this post. I was going to refer to the leaf as an ivy leaf, but it is not an ivy leaf. Then I thought grape leaf, or fig leaf, but it isn't quite one of those either. So then I decided I would just refer to it as a pin, and leaf it alone. Haha! This paragraph exclusively included for the purpose of a really bad pun! A pin pun!

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  1. That was a huge pun! I loved it.