Thursday, October 2, 2014

The ends of the rainbow

Several weeks ago, I bought this shirt because it was three dollars. Being collared, it looked like it would make a nice addition to my office wardrobe. Being extra long, it turned out to be somewhat difficult to wear with anything other than skinny jeans—which aren't my first choice for a workplace look.

I tried it with a number of combinations of pants and shoes. Some of them worked, but none of them really struck my fancy. Until, while wearing the shirt with my most reliable old pink pants, I happened to grab a pair of purple shoes on a whim. As soon as they were on my feet, my mind went wow!

What had been, up til now, a run-of the mill outfit with every pair of neutral shoes I own, had suddenly become an Unfashionista's masterpiece. Its appeal, I think, is in the interplay of colors, all of which are in the red-purple area of the color wheel. They are such closely related neighbors, yet each one is so distinct and bold in its own way!

Well, since I had just found the color scheme of my dreams, I knew I had to play it up, so added a couple of bangles in red and purple, an amethyst necklace and matching earrings, and a purple clip to do up my hair.

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