Friday, November 14, 2014

Bowling for compliments

The Unfashionista is a princess at her core, fond of looking pretty and usually preferring to wear a dress rather than pants. She's always looking for an excuse to get gussied up, which may (so I hear) be her primary motivation for leaving the house most of the time when she goes out. When the Unfashionista has to make sartorial concessions (such as having to cover her beautiful outfit with a coat so as to not freeze to death) she does it with as much flair as possible. What happens to an Unfashionista when she goes bowling? Read this first-person narrative to find out.

I really wanted to look glamorous. I really wanted to wear a dress. Unfortunately, I didn't think that would be practical for a casual evening at the bowling alley (little did I know the lanes to our left would be swarming with girls in their clubbing clothes), so I reluctantly settled on jeans. But then I couldn't find a shirt that made me happy. I tried on many, then, out of desperation, grabbed a plain black T-shirt, black high-heeled boots, and plain silver jewelry. If I couldn't look flamboyant, at least I could look sophisticated.

I felt the outfit was barely presentable, but my trusty photographer found it photo-worthy, and I have it on good authority that at least one other person thought I looked "hot."
The hideous shoes that were foisted on me
Here's me pretending to bowl in non-regulation footwear.
Fashion photobomb!

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