Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Skirt, Four Seasons: Fall

It's finally here—the last installment in my One Skirt, Four Seasons series (Here are Winter, Spring, and Summer)!

When I first conceptualized this series, fall was intended to be something completely different, but I never liked the shirt I'd chosen, and at the last minute, I decided I'd better do better. Incidentally, this skirt / shirt combo was originally intended for winter, but I couldn't find shoes that worked with it, so I ditched the idea and invented the winter look kind of at the last minute as well.

Serendipitously, I acquired this ornate pair of purple and gold brocade shoes just a few weeks ago. I had no idea at the time what I would ever wear them with (they don't exactly scream versatility), but my boyfriend was all in favor (he always supports my purchase of purple apparel, for reasons which will be revealed in a future post!), so I caved and bought them...never even thinking that they would provide the perfect finisher to my 4 seasons series! But they did!

The gold in the shoes was an excellent complement to the gold sweater that I'd been unable to match last winter. I even worked in a pair of shimmery gold-toned pantyhose...which promptly busted a giant run all the way down the front of my leg as soon as I arrived at work. Malfunctions aside, I was quite pleased to be using so much gold. The other 4 seasons were heavy on the greenish end of the spectrum, so it's about time I brought some warmer colors into the mix.

I also changed things up by tucking my sweater into the skirt rather than wearing it on the outside as I had for all the other seasons. I think the skinny fabric belt that came with the sweater did a nice job of breaking up the blocks of color (rather as it did the first time I featured it in this blog), and the big purple necklace provided the finishing touch. And then I wore a gold ring with my name on it, because I love overkill.

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