Tuesday, November 18, 2014

High Heel Hippie

I bought this dress on eBay, even though I had a lot of reservations about it being backless, because it was only 99¢ including shipping (I'm sorry for the seller, who definitely lost money on this auction).

After it arrived, I thought about it for a few weeks, and finally decided there was no circumstance in which it would be chilly enough to wear a sweater dress and still warm enough to go backless—besides, backless dresses are inconvenient (stick-on bra, anyone?) and inappropriate for work, so I decided the only way I'd wear this dress was if I found a way to make it unbackless.

Layering over a tank top was out, because the straps showed in the back, looking quite silly. Eventually I just cut a piece out of a not-too-beloved T-shirt and sewed it on. Not terribly graceful, but enough to, well, cover my back.

Wearing it to work was still proving to be problematic, though. The fit was a little too snug, and the bottom few unlined inches were translucent, making it effectively too short. I think I could get away with wearing this dress with high boots and opaque tights, but this time I decided to take the high road and wear it with an even more modest pair of brown pants.

The tunic-and-pants look is one I consider very earthy, and the muted colors are the very definition of earth tones, so I accessorized to emphasize the hippie vibe: a matching necklace made with lumps of greenish and brownish polymer clay, my carved fish earrings, and a peacock ring because, well, why not?

And then, because the inevitable lumps and bumps caused by pairing a tight dress with thick pants were making me feel frumpy in the extreme, I decided to add some class and completely undermine the aforementioned hippie vibe by wearing high heeled shoes.

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  1. Wait, there are two of you? I, of all people, should have known.