Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Celebration of springishness

Seventy-four degrees. Seventy-four degrees! That was the forecast high for the last Monday in November...and I was stoked (an appropriately furnace-related word for an unseasonably warm day)! Even more fortunately, I had just the thing to celebrate it in—a sequined dress that has been likened to a disco ball!

I toned down the excessive sparkle of the dress by topping it with my black and white zipper vest, and tempered the short hemline with demure flat shoes.

The original plan for this outfit (I had intended to wear it several weeks ago, but a sudden shift to winter weather stopped me in my tracks) called for black knee socks, but they were in the laundry. This turned out to be another stroke of good fortune, because their absence inspired me to reach for the wilder and crazier black-and-white striped knee socks, which just added to the festive mood.

[Also, I've returned to full bangs for the first time since June of last year!]

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