Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beyond Nifty

eShakti was offering a gift coupon for 35 dollars off your first order, and since I've never purchased from eShakti, I jumped right on that offer, buying this blue dress on clearance and getting it for free, plus $9.95 shipping. About a week after it arrived, I got another email from eShakti, announcing that they were instituting a 30 dollar order minimum. Coincidence, or did the Unfashionista break eShakti?

Let's not dwell on my destructive powers, though...let's talk about this dress! It was worth every bit of the zero cents I paid for it, fitting well, being well made (it even came with bra strap retainers, which is a nice touch), and generally being adorable! With its high waist, full midi skirt, and sweetheart neckline, it would have fit right in at any 50's sock hop.

Well, as much as I love a good throwback, I didn't want to look like I'd just stepped off the set of I Love Lucy today, so I tried to modernize it a bit. I passed on the demure button-up cardigan in place of my extra-long open-front sweater, which I wore under the belt for a little touch of the non-traditional.

For a few minutes, I seriously considered wearing a pearl necklace, but if I was making a conscious effort to dispel the 50's vibe, I felt I better go all the way. So I pulled out a new acquisition—this garish rainbow jeweled necklace and matching earrings which would never be seen on any self-respecting lady of the mid-century persuasion.

To further mix things up, I wore the white boots which always remind me of go-go boots from the 60's.

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  1. You look so modern. You'll be the best dressed person at the chocolate factory.