Thursday, February 5, 2015

Artfully Misplaced

Try something unexpected

Wear your jewelry in unconventional places. If your necklace won't stand out enough around your neck, why not put it somewhere it will? The sparkly embellishment above is a regular old necklace, wrapped around and tucked into the top of my knee sock.

The idea for today's style tip started out harmlessly enough—as an average, everyday outfit idea: I just wanted to wear those bright green shoes because I hadn't in a while, and I added my paisley dress because it's one of the few things I own that share that shade of green. The pair of black knee socks was a necessity because it's cold outside. But even though I had come up with a nice outfit for my hard-to-match shoes, I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted more color! More!

I really wanted to do something flashy with my hair—some kind of huge headband, perhaps, but sadly, my headband collection lacked anything colorful enough. My next thought was the aforementioned green necklace, woven into a messy updo like some kind of neon bridal ornament. Unfortunately, I couldn't get that to look right either.

I almost settled for wearing it around my neck, where it would compete with all the colors of the dress, but then I though to attach it to my sock. Wow! Instantly exotic!

I thought this was something I'd never tried before, but then I searched my blog for other outfits featuring this dress. Turns out the last time I photographed it, I was also wearing DIY sock decorations. Just goes to show, great minds think the same thought over and over again.

One final note: Since I had embellishment on only one leg, I went with an equally asymmetrical one-sided bun for my hair.

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