Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black Tie


I've had a hard time finding a basic black skirt that I really like. The one pictured in today's outfit is the closest I've come—not too short, not too long, not too straight, and not too tight. Yet, being made of satin and fluffed out with a built-in mesh petticoat, it walks the line of being too formal for everyday use. On the other hand, that makes it an appropriate pick for this modified tuxedo look.

The real centerpiece of this outfit is the matching satin sash, which I've tied into a bow and tucked into the neckline of my blazer, to evince a bow tie without actually being one. I've put my hair up into a high bun, to evince a fancy updo without actually being one.

You getting my drift yet? I'm going for a look that's inspired by formality but softened for reality.

Over the skirt, I'm wearing a short white blazer that's only formal in its tailored cut. The prominent exterior pockets and cotton twill fabric bring it down into semi-casual territory, which I've further enhanced by wearing knee-high boots (as opposed to, say, stockings and stiletto pumps).

I dreamed up this outfit with the thought of entering it into Lookbook's Black & White Tuxedo Style Contest, for which I completely missed the entry deadline. I guess you could say I was UNfashionably late to the party.

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