Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just add straps!

Did you know that plaid was not originally a word for a pattern, but actually a traditional Scottish blanket woven in that pattern? Or that the more correct term for what we usually call plaid is tartan? Or that checks are considered a tartan pattern? Or that gingham is not actually a pattern either, but a type of fabric woven into a checked pattern?

Neither did I, but all was revealed to me when I turned to Wikipedia to see if I could find out the name of the specific style of plaid (er, tartan) featured on today's dress. I got so mired in link-trailing that I completely forgot to look up the name, but nonetheless, that is what I'm wearing here.

I had the idea to wear it with the grey checked blazer (that so recently formed one of my 3 V-necks a few posts ago), since they are almost the same color and only slightly different in pattern. I thought it would be a relatively safe way to continue dabbling in the elusive art of mixing prints.

Of course, together they were so bleak and boring that I had no choice but to wear them with my only surviving pair of colorful boots (the teal ones met a sad demise which I'll surely blog about later) and a matching blue necklace.

The other reason I wanted to share this outfit with you is that I finally got around to adding straps to the dress. But because I didn't have any fabric that I thought would make good straps, and also because I didn't feel like fiddling around to get them just the right length, I decided to simply add some adjustable bra straps to the dress, and furthermore make them removable because, why not?

Make a convertible-strap dress

Every girl has a ton of convertible bras, right? When the bras wear out, the straps are usually still good, so save them! You can use them as alternative straps for a dress. All you need is to add attachment points. Take 4 bits of ribbon or fabric tape (I used bias tape, but would not recommend it because it has a fold that can get caught in hooks) and sew them to the inside of your dress with two seams, leaving just enough space in between to fit the hook of a removable bra strap. It helps if your dress has a layer of lace to hide the stitches! Then you can attach your removable bra straps any time you want, or still wear the dress strapless if you're feeling a little more motionless and/or confident!


  1. What a great picture. The photographer was able to capture the essence of the outfit and match it with the model's look. Fashion photography at it's best. Magnífico!

  2. Are you kidding me? I almost didn't publish this post because the photo was so bad. The only reason I kept it was because I needed to share my strap-adding strategy.