Friday, June 12, 2015

50's Floral

I never get tired of the big, fat midi skirt, as popularized by the 50's Housewife.

My outfit probably wouldn't look out of place in that era (it's even topped off with a vintage brooch that wouldn't surprise me if it had lived through the 50's as well). I did my hair in a low bun garnished with a period favorite – pearls. But I've let the modern times have their say in the form of the lace shoulders on my top and my extravagant platform sandals.
As you know, I'm a big fan of repeating a motif throughout an outfit, so I was really delighted when I noticed that the blue brooch (which I had originally picked for its similar color to the skirt) was practically an identical 3-D version of the flowers. Originally, I had also planned to go with neutral beige shoes, but then I realized that I could create a color flow by wearing green shoes, a blue and green skirt above that, and then the blue pin all the way at the top.

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