Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pink power suit


Yesterday, because I had a meeting, I wanted to wear an outfit that looks "professional," and "put-together." For that occasion, I chose my pink pinstriped dress. I am really growing to love that dress. I still haven't found a way to wear the matching blazer, but the dress is just the right length, and, after a few modifications, quite a flattering fit, too. I paired it with off-white shoes, much like I did the last time I wore it, but this time I used a shorter sweater and a longer necklace, in mauve instead of pearl.

The outfit was a perfect complement to my newest hair tip color—a rich magenta, of which you can just see a bit, bundled into the bun. Speaking of hair, the baby bangs are an experiment. They're much more comfortable in the muggy summer weather than my previous heavy fringe was. My boyfriend says they look retro, and they work well with updos, but they haven't garnered any unsolicited compliments, so they must not be my most flattering look ever.

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