Friday, June 19, 2015

Blue Moon

I guess this is a confession. Sometimes, I plan my outfits around the titles I can give them in my blog.

Today's outfit started out with a pair of light blue sandals that I wanted to wear because they are new. As I found as soon as I opened the box, not many of my clothes go well with those sandals, so with my usual philosophy of Monochrome to the Rescue, I paired it with a solid blue dress in a different shade.

When I set out that outfit for the next day, part of my brain was considering how to accessorize it, and part of my brain was considering whether to blog about it and what to title it if so. I've done so many blue outfits, I was running out of new catchy phrases for them (here are a few: 1, 2, 3, 4), so I was struggling a bit when "Blue Moon" popped into my head.

What a good idea! That was not only a convenient reference to a 50's song (to go with the classic 50's-style dress), but it also helped me decide on my jewelry...obviously a moon! Fortunately I have no shortage of celestial jewelry, so I picked one of my three moon necklaces (the one with the most blue in it, of course!), and my work was done.

Well, almost. I felt like the tiny pendant was overwhelmed by the vast expanse of blue in the dress, and there wasn't enough light blue to balance out the shoes, so I decided to hang the pendant from a light blue ribbon.

I've been itching to do a French twist in my hair, and I decided this ladylike ensemble was a good style to pair with the fancyish updo.

Obviously my French twisting needs some serious work, because I think I might have made it even uglier than the last time I did a French twist, interestingly, also with a 50's-inspired outfit!

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