Friday, June 26, 2015

The other side

Yesterday was the day I wore the other side of my reversible cape-dress—the bright, colorful, summery side. Despite being sleeveless, it's a very heavy garment (two layers of fabric, one of which is wool!), so I had to wait until the weather dropped out of the 90's before I was willing to wear it. Today they forecast a high of 81, though when I checked at noon it was already 83, so I think they were wrong.

In any case, I wore the dress! To make the most of its brilliant colors, I wore equally brilliant pink shoes and rainbow earrings. I don't usually wear dangly earrings with braids, because they tend to snag each other, but after three attempts at doing double high buns and getting them to look symmetrical, I was ready to set the bar lower. At least it gives me a chance to show more of my newly magentified hair, which incidentally goes pretty well with the colors of the dress.

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