Sunday, February 28, 2016

Curls' Night Out

Every late winter for the past 3 years, I have enjoyed attending the Monte Carlo Night gala put on by a friend's business school. It is probably the most formal event I ever get invited to, so I gleefully look forward to the opportunity to get dressed to the nines each year (Here's what I wore last year, and here's the year before).

The event was especially momentous this year, since it is the first Monte Carlo night I've attended in a full-length dress, and the first I've attended with short hair, and  it might also be the first time I've managed to get all of my hair to curl successfully!

Sure, you've seen spiral tendrils here and there (trotted out mostly for Halloween), but to get a full head of well formed curls has been out of the question for pretty much my whole life. I gave up on my Magic Leverag spiral curlers when my hair got too long for them and donated them before I moved to the apartment, and my hot rollers met the same fate a month or so ago, but giving up completely is just not in my nature.

Remembering the pretty nice set of ringlets I had achieved with Magic Leverag (I since concluded it must have really have been magic, because I never got the same results again), I bought another set by a different cheap-knockoff manufacturer and tried them out! Magically, again, they worked! It took me a few trials to figure out how to deal with the way they only spiral in one direction, which produces rather drastically different results on each side of my head, but eventually I found a technique that worked! Internal curlers, you are my new best friend!
Modeling my 'do before the...
...big to-do!

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  1. As always it was lovely to see you and your curls.