Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fallen Leaves: A necklace becomes a hair clip

Remember my gold leaf statement necklace? Probably you don't, because I think I only wore it once, with a non-blog outfit, before I disassembled it to make a hair accessory for the Repeal Day celebration.

I had every intention of putting the necklace back together, but alas! I got drunk and magnanimous, and allowed it to go home with this lovely lady whose name I don't even know. I hope she loved it as much the next morning as she did when we took this photo!

Anyway, with only 2 of three leaf-shaped pieces remaining, the necklace didn't look as cute any more, so I decided to turn it into a hair accessory permanently.

I have several metal hair clips lying around from bows that didn't survive my childhood, so I wired the two pieces to one of them. You can sort of see the construction in this close-up photo:

Backside of leaf hair clip

The finished product:

Leaf hair clip

And how I wore it for the first time:

This hair clip was the finishing touch on an outfit I wore for a Monte Carlo night gala last weekend. I have a reputation for wandering off alone when I get bored at social functions, and this time I was busy taking endless pictures of myself in a deserted stairwell. Thankfully a couple of them came out!

Indulging my penchant for one-shouldered tops. The only problem is, it doesn't
quite reach far enough on my oversized shoulder.
I bought this dress for 11.85 on eBay, and felt like a bargain-hunter extraordinaire
when I saw the original price tag said 107. They might have just inflated the
original price to make me feel good, but it worked!

Check out the beautiful shiny feather detailing on the neckline!

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  1. Lovely dress. A shame I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you again this year. I've seen you at the last few events we've hosted, but I didn't quite catch your relationship to the Smith School.