Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Island Girl

When we traveled to Hawaii a few weeks ago, the only thing I requested that we do is make a stop at Hilo Hattie, an iconic Hawaiian shop for Aloha shirts and other island apparel and goods. I remembered it fondly from my first and last visit to the islands at age 12, and I also remembered fondly the outlandish Hawaiian print dress that I'd gotten there but shortly outgrown.

This time, now being an adult, if I bought a Hawaiian dress, I'd be guaranteed to be able to wear it for years to come! So to Hilo Hattie we hied!

I was drawn to this particular dark red one with the white and gold plumerias on it because the pattern was bold yet simple, I don't have much clothing in the warmer end of the spectrum, and plumerias were a huge theme in the goods that I found throughout the Hawaiian shops, so it would be a pretty solid memento.

To go with it, I bought a pair of plumeria earrings in matching colors, and then I proudly wore the whole ensemble to work!

Now, even though I'd much rather be snorkeling on a beach than calling a bunch of prospective co-workers for interviews, at least my dress helps me hold onto that island vibe!

I'm also wearing one of the pairs of shoes that I bought over the winter. While I still kind of regret buying yet another pair of tall tan sandals, at least I found a pretty worthy use for them.

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