Friday, June 10, 2016

Closing Clothes

Editor's Note - June 21, 2016: I originally titled this post, "I just had a crazy week; I don't have to invent a great title!" But now, after a week and some change to decompress and regenerate my creative energy, I have come up with the great title you now see above.

Today, I attended the closing for my first real estate purchase! Pause for oohs, ahhs, and applause. Thank you. While there were many concerns occupying my mind in the days leading up to the transaction, I'm not going to lie that one of the big ones was what to wear to my closing!?

A friend told me to just wear something that makes me happy, and my boyfriend told me I could wear anything (both of them have purchased houses in the past, so I value their insights on this matter), but I didn't feel like that was good enough. For this huge business transaction – where if anything were to go wrong, my professional appearance might be the one thing to make people believe that I could take care of it – I wanted to wear, as Cher Horowitz would say, "My most capable-looking outfit!"

However, my most capable-looking outfits (mostly typical business attire like suits, pencil skirts, and button-up blouses) generally don't make me feel happy; and since most of them come in dark shades of neutral, which I've been wearing entirely too much of over the past few days, I didn't really want to wear any of them.

So I settled on what I soon came to believe was an ingenious compromise, despite the fact that it might be dubbed the "mullet of outfits"—an ensemble that was business on the top, party on the bottom! To whit, I wore a really cute flirty dress and topped it with a more professional-looking blazer (which was still pretty cute and flirty, as far as blazers go).

I wanted to wear low-heeled shoes (this is, after all, the same dress that first inspired my complaint about short skirts and high heels giving me ostrich legs), but I just couldn't choose between kitten heels in almost the same shade of blue as the dress, or ballet flats in a darker teal. Ultimately I went with the teal, because I liked the way they stood out.

The closing went off without a hitch, and I think I can now qualify as the world's first home-owning Unfashionista! Here are Bubalou and I, showing off our new digs.

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