Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Another day, another play on the word "vest." The first time I wore this garment (I had received it as a dress that looked like it had formerly been a vest, and I remade it into a vest), it met with a lot of disapproval, and I wasn't really crazy about it myself. I played around with squaring off the bottom hem, but it never really worked...and besides, I already have several black vests in a variety of lengths, and didn't see that this one with green trim would really get much use. So I remade it again, in a process so simple, I can describe it in one sentence!

I took the open-front vest and closed the front again, took in the sides, and shortened it to make it a shirt! From vest to dress to vest to shirt...round and round it goes! I wonder if i will open up the front again somewhere down the line!

As it turns out, a black shirt with green trim doesn't really go with very much in my wardrobe, but I paired it with capri pants in a slightly different shade of green, for my signature monochrome (plus black!) look.


 As a vest

As a shirt

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