Monday, June 6, 2016

Ready to romp

An evening that will certainly involve going out to the clubs, but may also involve walking around outside at a festival while the sun still shines, is a special sartorial challenge. The outfit that you pick can't be too dressy, but it can't be too casual either.

For this singular type of evening, I chose a black romper. Remember when I said I hated rompers? Well, those ugly baggy ones that I pictured still earn my disdain, but this little fitted one-piece with its saucy front zipper is a horse of a different color!

Speaking of color, such a simple black outfit calls for elaborate makeup, so I put my shaky hands to the test and drew on some double-winged black eyeliner (only screwed up once!), finishing off the look with rather bold pink lip gloss.

Shoes and accessories were a decision I saved for last. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to counter all the black with something colorful, or embrace the neutral hues in my outfit and let my makeup be the focal point. In the end, none of my colorful shoes looked quite right, so I narrowed the decision down to either beige espadrilles or black flat sandals with an ankle strap.

I decided to let my jewelry help me decide on a shoe, and after trying on numerous necklaces, I settled for the silver fringed one, mainly because, out of all the choices, it's hardest to find a use for (I've only worn it once since I got it a year ago).

With the fierce cat-eyes and the bold metallic jewelry, I was feeling a kind of tough-girl vibe, so I went with the black shoes. Convenient, since I still was expecting that the evening might involve a lot of walking. I'm learning to embrace flat dress shoes as a legitimate (and very practical) styling option!

Showing that tough-girl side of which I spoke.

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