Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rave-ready Rainbow

One of my favorite color schemes in the whole world is...rainbow! I have a saved eBay search dedicated to it and everything!

Yet in real life, I don't get as many opportunities to dress in rainbows as I would like, because they can be just a little too flamboyant for everyday wear. But one occasion that's perfect for my colorful penchant to show its stripes? An EDM concert!

In celebration of my birthday, I went to the Cosmic Gate concert on Saturday, and I got decked out in as many colors and as much bling as I could cram into one outfit.

A rainbow sheer tank top! Cutoff shorts with sequined pockets! Sequined shoes (conveniently flat-soled for a long night of dancing)! Gym socks? Maybe not the coolest choice, but I had to wear something to keep the sequins from cutting up my feet!

When I was done dressing, the outfit was looking pretty fly, but the accessorizing had yet to begin.
Rainbow unicorn necklace! Caviar-textured heart earrings! Cuff bracelet with – what else? – more sequins!

And then, the high point of my outfit, rainbow eye makeup! At least, I thought it was the high point until I realized (for only the millionth time) that no one can see your makeup or your excellent color choices in a dark crowded place. It's a good thing I snapped some pictures for my blog in advance. Next time I'm going with blacklight body paint. 
At least I had LEDs in my hair, to make up for the fact that no one could see the artistry on my face!

By the way, here's what my boyfriend wore. I really liked the tank top and his color coordination, so I felt I had to share it.


  1. That's a great picture of Al!

  2. Al looks very contemplative in that pic. Al the Philosopher!

    And nice rainbows. Very impressed with the eye makeup!