Thursday, January 7, 2016

A new year, a new list

It's the most wonderful time of the year...the time when the Unfashionista talks trends!

In past year-end retrospectives, I've listed about 10 trends and my opinions on them, plus a few things I hoped would become trends. This year, I have way more than 10 to discuss. I guess that's what happens when you've been planning a blog post for an entire year.


Back cutouts

 Weird cutouts (an unpalatable trend I noted in 2014) fortunately have become less common, but they are still there (or not-there, as it may be) in great numbers on the backs of dresses. Where there are no cutouts, there is often no back at all. Backless dresses are nothing new, but they seem to be exceedingly popular these days and not to my taste at all. Anything that requires you to wear a stick-on bra is not something that I'm going to want to wear very often.

"Tribal" prints

Geometric/ethnic prints are one trend I've blogged about this year, and as I mentioned then, I'm just not a fan. It's time to drop our boxy/oversized/geometric comfort blanket and return to organic shapes!

Septum rings

The most bizarre jewelry trend popped up this year: bull nose-rings. The only thing I think when I see a piece of anything sticking out someone's nostrils is "how much snot is all over that thing?" There are some places that no jewelry should ever go.

Platform pumps

I know, you never thought you'd hear me say it, but I am finally growing tired of platform pumps. Yes, these were some of the first shoes I ever got excited enough about to feature on my blog, and they are one of the hallmarks of my style, but they've been on the outs for a while, and I have to say I'm ready for the change. I'm still into low-heeled platforms and wedges, but the crazy heels that make your toes look 4 inches thick? I think I'm over it. At least for a while!


Meanwhile, things in style that I actually like include the following:

Layered tulle skirts



Below-the-knee pencil skirts


Crop top matched sets

If you are still hesitant to wear a crop top because you are worried you'll look trashy (I am!), then these 2-piece sets may be just the thing to add a little polish and intentionality to your crop!


Sheer skirts/pants with shorter liners



Hats worn on the back of the head like a halo


This hat style is something that's been popular among fashion bloggers for years, but which I have finally resolved to try myself—soon!


Dresses with capes


I think Lupita Nyong'o set off the craze when she appeared at the Golden Globes in this style, because since then, built-in capes are showing up on formalwear everywhere! Can't wait to try one!


Shaggy faux fur jackets and vests


As a vegetarian, I naturally oppose the wearing of dead animals, but I do like the appearance of fur, and these scruffy vests, often in crazy colors, are so fun, I can't help but love long as they are fake!



I have been observing the rise of jumpsuits for at least a year or two, but I think they are finally making their way into the common people's closets, as I'm beginning to see them on shopping sites at affordable prices. I predict that I will have a jumpsuit of my own by this time next year!

Open-laced shoes


Since I love lace-up anything, these shoes with the superfluous laces up the front are a shoo-in (get it!?) for this list!
And lastly, a touch of wishful thinking for the future:

Will Do

Cargo Pants

The 90's are still experiencing a revival, so I think it's a possibility that cargo pants might come back. I have seen a smattering of cargo pockets on shopping sites over the past year, and I hope to see more over the next. Not only are tons of pockets enormously useful, but I'm always in favor of clothing that adds bulk to the wearer's legs. If cargo pants come back, it could signify the end of the top-heavy era in fashion...and good riddance. 


Along a similar, top-slimming vein, I think corsets have a fighting chance to make it out of the bedroom and into our everyday wardrobes. I have been seeing waist-training corsets for sale everywhere (It's a fad spearheaded by the Kardashians I think), to be worn under clothes. But with so many of these undergarments around for inspiration, it can't be long before people will start wanting to see them on the outside! Steampunks do it all the time; when can the rest of us join in the fun? 

And now (if you're still reading, because this is the longest year-end fashion post I've ever written), I shall bid you adieu...but keep your eyes out for these trends to show up on an Unfashion blog near you!

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