Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Socks, sandals, and celebration!

Last week, I spent Tuesday through Thursday in a compression stocking, which, as you probably know by now, means I was forced to wear long pants to hide my socks for the entirety of the week.

And then Friday, my boyfriend and I traveled to Boston for a wedding reception. A vacation can be a trying time for an Unfashionista—a time when one is forced to live out of a suitcase, without one's massive collection of clothing, and is usually obliged to dress for comfort and versatility (blugh!) rather than aesthetics.

My boyfriend hinted that we might go clubbing during our trip, so I got excited and filled half my suitcase with various clothes and shoes that I could wear to different types of establishments. I got so excited, in fact, that I forgot to pack pajamas and workout clothing. And after all that, we did not even set foot near a nightclub! So you can imagine how frustrated I have felt, having spent the last 4 days wearing nothing but old jeans, the same pair of sneakers, and a bunch of mismatched layers of shirts and jackets for warmth (Boy, was Boston cold! Even when the sunny areas were warm, the shady ones were icy, and the wind was positively biting!).

This should give you some kind of perspective on why today's outfit is so momentous to me! Finally, I can spend the day in a short and sleeveless dress! Finally I can wear high heels! I was so thrilled at my opportunity to dress snazzy again that I broke a rule (the rule that says I can't get out my summer clothes until it's been warm for a week) and broke out a pair of sandals that I purchased a few weeks ago on eBay.

I guess it's not really breaking the rule if the sandals were never in storage in the first place, but these sandals were worth breaking the rules for—these are sky-high, velvet platforms with 4-color rainbow stripes on the heels and buckles! When I first tried them on, I learned by accident that they looked pretty awesome with black socks underneath, so I did what I haven't tried since 2013 and rocked the socks-and-sandals look!

Since I was celebrating my liberation from the Dowdy Life, I went for over-the-top color with a bold purple dress, orange headband, and bright yellow earrings. In the morning, I covered it all up with a simple black cardigan, but I ditched that Sensible Sweater as soon as I could!

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