Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Almost Week 7

I'm posting this week's Unfashion a day early, because I don't expect to have the time to do it tomorrow.

Suited Up

A funny thing happens at my office. Whatever I'm wearing on a given day, this other lady is also wearing. I wear a sweater, she wears a sweater...I wear a blouse, she wears a blouse. On Monday, I decided to wear this outfit which bears a susupicious resemblance to a suit (but for the fact that the top and the skirt were not sold together and only happen to match by a kind twist of fate, and the fact that the electric blue tank top I wore underneath was far too electric for your run-of-the-mill suit). No one in my office ever wears a suit. Yet on Monday, the other lady wore a suit, too! Weird.

My Forgetful Valentine

In my rush to get ready for my big Valentine's Day, I forgot many things, one of which was to take photos for this blog! You'll have to use your imagination in conjunction with these terrible cell phone shots to get an idea of how I looked in my fuchsia sweater dress, black leggings, and black shoes.

The Outdoorsy Type

For the past 2 years or so, this dark green shirt has been one of my favorites, yet for some reason, I managed to go through nearly 7 weeks in my Unfashion a Day project before wearing it! And when I did wear it, I was overcome by the feeling that it was too boring. Worn with brown pants and brown clogs, it certainly makes for an all-over dark outfit. So I brightened it up with a light-colored scarf with natural prints. I completed the natural look with some earrings in the shape of leaves.

Grey Dress for a Grey Day

The weather forecast said rain, so I felt compelled to dress in dreary clothes. OK, to be honest, it's just that this grey striped shirt is one of the last remaining tops that I haven't already worn for this project, and I wanted to get it out there. I had just bought some grey leggings, and the boots were new, too. I got them for a steal, at 10$ on clearance, but I paid dearly for them anyway—rather than paying for home delivery, I had them shipped to a store, but the store I wanted was not available due to a website glitch, so I had them shipped to a farther away store, then when I got there, I had to wait nearly 20 minutes for some high-maintenance lady to finish her transaction which involved a plethora of questions. I think my twenty minutes plus travel time plus fare back home were probably worth the 7$ shipping, and then some. And for all that, the boots are kind of funny looking. I'm not sure I'll find many good ways to wear them.

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