Friday, February 10, 2012

Unfashion a Day, the Rest of Week 6

Business on the Bottom, Party on Top

Wednesday, I wore that cream sweater I had washed so lovingly a few days ago. Honestly, I don't know how to wear this sweater. It's long enough to be worn like a tunic, but it kind of shows everything right through it when I do that, so I chose instead to let it ride up and wrinkle. You can see it wasn't exactly opaque even the way I wore it. If I had a long white tank top to wear under it, it might work.

You'll have to excuse the hair. Since my new haircut is so determinedly not wash and go, I've had to get creative with my daily style. Today I'm wearing a modified "scrunched' look. Since my hair is so blasted straight and fine, it requires a ton of mousse to give it any semblance of texture, and I must keep it clipped up until the last possible moment to delay gravity's inexorable work.

In case you were curious, here's the result, along with a great view of the huge chandelier earrings I wore to make up for the rather boring set of clothes underneath them. In spite of my best efforts, the hair had fallen into a state best described as "scruffy" by quitting time. While it was still in its prime, however, I got my first two compliments from my coworkers, proving that while the style needs work (especially with respect to the bangs), it has potential!

The Coldest Eskimo
Finally! The day had arrived when I had a chance to wear the brown dress with the brown snow boots! I couldn't do it Wednesday because I had to repair a hole in the sleeve before I could wear it.

But Thursday was it. The dress comes with a scarf, which you can only see a bit of around my neck.

I wore a pair of leggings which I had thought were light brown when I bought them, but were actually the same color as my legs! I felt this was problematic, since some people might assume I was actually not wearing leggings and find the short length of the dress offensive (I really don't remember it being this short. It must have shrunk the last time I washed it)...but I wore it anyway. And today I bought some real brown leggings so it won't happen again.

With mukluks on my feet and these carved bone earrings on my ears, I felt like I was emanating some serious Inuit vibes, though what self-respecting Alaskan would ever go around in a deep-v-necked minidress, I'll never know!

Time Traveler

Since I'd worn pants two days this week, and the previous day I'd worn a dress, Friday's only option was a skirt and top, and the only skirt I felt like wearing was the homemade salmon one.

The shoes are in the 40's style, the shirt is in the 70's style, the necklace is actually from the 60's (the genuine article! It belonged to my grandma. I am waiting nervously for the moment when the ancient string breaks and beads go rolling everywhere), and later in the day, I had the idea to tie it in a knot, 20's style, and the skirt is some concoction out of my own head which was at least influenced by 2000's style, so I dare say this outfit was an example of creative anachronism at its finest.

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