Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gone Dotty

I bought this top at H&M for 5 dollars without trying it on, because the line for the fitting room was, like, all the way out the door. Had I tried it on, I probably wouldn't have bought it, because, like so many shirts, it makes my shoulders look big. I actually do exercises to make my shoulders less prominent, and then I have to contend with things like deliberately puffed sleeves! I guess I should have expected this effect when I saw all the ruching running down the shoulders, but I was too taken by the polka dots. I'm kind of fixated on polka dots these days.

Polka dots remind me solidly of the past, and nothing says "prior decade" like a string of pearls, so that's what I wore around my neck. I think I got them from my grandmother, but I've had them so long that I forget. And this is still my first time wearing them!

I think I made a slight error in judgment to wear the bright white skirt and white patent shoes (even though the thicker heels on those remind me pretty solidly of the pre-1960's era), because the white polka dots in the shirt are actually a pale cream. Hopefully no one noticed.

Hopefully, no one noticed as well that the pearls in my ears are a bright white, while the pearls in my necklace are off-white.

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