Saturday, July 28, 2012

Strawberry Fields

You'll have to excuse my red, shiny face and disheveled hair.
I took this photo just after riding home from work in 99-degree heat.

I date this dress at about 1999. It has the simple, straight-across neckline that really had me enchanted when I was in high school, and the end-of-the-millennium signature spaghetti straps

I wore it once last year, and once this summer for a brief evening while on vacation, but I was thinking it too dated and plain to wear many more times. It was on my "To Sell" list when yesterday I had a sudden craving to wear it. I laid it flat on the ground overnight to help heal the wrinkles, and it's a good thing that I had prepared in advance, because I woke up about 40 minutes late, and had to rush to get ready.

Fortunately, shoes to match the dress were an easy choice—the kelly green heels I was worried wouldn't go with anything. In my mad dash to get out the door, I also grabbed a pale green open-knit poncho that I'd just picked up at the thrift store (3$) earlier in the week.

In spite of it being solidly out of fashion, my dress still received a compliment from a coworker, which may mean there's life in the old girl yet!

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