Thursday, November 29, 2012

Color Me Jewel Toned

I got to wear my favorite color combination again today. As you well know, I've been wanting a pair of purple shoes for some time, and, while shopping  this weekend, I noticed they had finally dipped down into my price range at 19.99$. I found them at Burlington Coat Factory near my home, but didn't have time to buy them right then (the real reason I didn't buy them was I was wearing jeans tucked into boots, and it had taken so long to get them arranged without lumps and bumps that I didn't want to take them off to try the shoes on!). I'm glad I waited, because on Sunday, I was out again at a mall farther away when I found them at a different Burlington for only 10 dollars! Score! They were so cheap I was able to buy another thing on my want list as well: silver glittery heels, which I got for 17 dollars (If I'd been thinking ahead, I could have gotten them for 10 dollars last spring, but I didn't know then that I would ever want glittery shoes).

The color on these shoes is especially rich because of their velvety texture (which, I've learned from experience with other shoes, is very fragile and scrapes off whenever anything hard touches it—a good reason to wait until shoes like these are 10 dollars or less before buying). An especially rich purple is especially hard to match, and as you probably also know, I'd been concerned that if I bought purple shoes, I wouldn't have anything to wear them with. That's mostly true—except for this dress that I'm proud the heck of.

The colors are so bright and beautiful on their black background, they go perfectly with my new purple shoes.

The dress also permitted me to finally sport the glittery green necklace that I've been trying to wear ever since spring. Unfortunately, I'm not as proud the heck of this necklace as I am of the dress I wore it over. But we can't win 'em all, can we?

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