Monday, November 5, 2012

Yippee Ki Yo Ki Yay

Yes, it's a little contrived. I look like a cowgirl, and I look like I'm trying too hard to look like a cowgirl. I had one co-worker refer to me as "pardner" today, in only a slightly mocking manner.

But I got these two pairs of cowgirl boots—what else am I supposed to do with them!? (On the plus side, the other pair of boots that I didn't want was out of stock by the time my exchange arrived at the warehouse, so I got a 27$ store spend on future boots!)

Aside from the boots, everything else in this outfit was a test of my tolerance. I've always avoided pencil skirts because they aren't particularly flattering, and they severely limit my mobility. But my last eBay lot contained three, so I vowed to give them a shot. I never liked button-down blouses, because the fabric is too thin to keep me warm, and the fit is either baggy, making me look dowdy and top-heavy, or tight and restricting, making me unable to move my arms. This blouse is of the baggy variety, though designed to be fitted, meaning it doesn't look right no matter how I wear it. I tucked it into my skirt, but since the skirt sits a little below my natural waist, my waist was effectively disguised, for an all-over shapeless appearance.

As far as making me look good, then, this outfit was a resounding failure, but as far as enabling me to try on a different look, it wasn't bad! I'm really digging the boots (Gallop, in cognac, new from ShoeDazzle) and their rich shade of brown that just happens to match the brown in my braided leather belt. It's really the belt that literally ties the outfit together!

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