Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Matchy-Matchy

What goes best with a green-on-green skirt?

More green!

I got the skirt at Famous Labels, a store which sells clothes super cheap and then goes out of business and sells them even cheaper—hence, this brand-new skirt cost me three dollars.

I tried it on, and it fit a little tight, but I bought it anyway. It was only when I got home that I realized it was a girls' 7-14. Which just goes to show, you shouldn't write off shopping in the kids' department, because now that kids are all obese, you just might find something that fits you—and you probably won't pay as much for it.

I wore the skirt for the first time today along with this simple green shirt. Because the Unfashionista knows no "too much," I then topped off my look with chartreuse fingernails and my green heart earrings that I've sung the praises of before. The only thing in the outfit that wasn't green was the shoes, and that's probably only because I don't have any green shoes for winter.

The challenge with this outfit lay in not hiding the cute little bow/tassels at the top of the skirt. I looked stupid with my shirt tucked in, and the tassels were completely obscured with the shirt untucked. The solution? I bunched up the part of the shirt that covered the tassels and secured the gathers with a safety pin. It looks almost like it's supposed to be that way!

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