Friday, November 2, 2012

Yipes Stripes!

Yesterday, I stared at my closet for hours trying to decide what to wear. I laid out scores of potential outfits, gave up and came back later...twice! Fall is a hard time for me to find clothing inspiration. It feels too early to break out the warm sweaters, yet it's too cold for short sleeves and light blouses. I had decided against jeans, since I'd done casual (a Halloween T-shirt) on Wednesday, but I was also determined not to be too dressy, since it was Friday. Add to that the fact that most of my fall clothes are brown or green, and I was boycotting those colors since I wore them yesterday, and you have one dismal fashion outlook.

On my third trip back to the closet, I pulled out my black and white striped top, and realized it would go splendidly with my fuschia skirt. Then I remembered that I have black and white striped socks as well...and the deal was sealed!

Originally, I was going to wear this outfit with black high heels, but that made me look far too leggy, and I wanted to tone down the exotic dancer vibe. So I wore my humble black flats and hit the road. One more sartorial conundrum solved.

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