Thursday, November 15, 2012

Merry Thanksgiving in advance

Remember that magenta-and-green skirt that I didn't wear last Christmas?

Well, almost a year later, I finally brought it out of the back of my closet—this time for a Thanksgiving party at my office.

In all the years that I've owned this garment (6 and a half), I've never been able to wear it with a shirt that quite matched. I've worn it with black (there are some black swirls in the pattern, but a black top just sucks all the bright and beautiful out of this bottom), and I've worn it with green (the green T-shirt I contemplated wearing it with for the Christmas party, but that T-shirt is a little too light to go with the emerald shade of the green in the skirt), but only this year have I actually acquired a shirt that really looks right with it--a maroon tank top that matches the main pink color of the skirt almost exactly!

And I am so pumped, because I adore this skirt (which may explain why I've kept it for 6 and a half years even though I've found so little accompanying clothing or occasion to wear it for)! Unlike many other peasant skirts that skimp on the material (my white one, for instance, which is basically an A-line skirt divided into sections), this skirt is ample, flowy, and flouncy. When I got it (6 and a half years ago, in case you've forgotten), it was covered with glitter, but in the intervening time, most of the glitter has fallen off, leaving little dark speckles. I don't know if I can wash them out. I've also noticed some runs in the fabric and some dirty-looking wrinkle lines. This skirt needs some TLC. I don't know if I have the ability to provide the C, but I can definitely give it the L.

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