Tuesday, November 20, 2012


From time to time (as in two posts ago), I try to follow the herd and do things like combine patterns. But I just can't deny my true nature. Coordinated colors are much more my style.

Take this outfit, with 3 different shades of pink and nothing else (except neutral black and silver)!

I took my never-worn coral cropped sweater, paired it with a fuschia tank top underneath, and tied it all together with the pink shoes on my feet.

With all this matching going on, it's only fitting that I wear it all with matchstick pants—which, I finally learned, is the official term for these black dress pants that I have learned to love as the trendiest pair of bottoms in my wardrobe. They are also known as cigarette pants, and they are distinguished from skinny jeans by (1) not being jeans and (2) having a straight leg opening rather than a tapered one. The only thing I don't love about them is they run a little short, making my ankles mighty chilly in November weather!

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