Monday, August 4, 2014

Gypsy, Hippie, or Both

When I bought this dress on eBay, the photo had a rosy cast that made me believe I was purchasing a pale pink dress.

Turns out I was not, and the garment I received was as brown as the earth.

Being a color lover, I was mildly disappointed, until I realized that the dress was the perfect complement to this coffee-and-copper scarf that I've had for two or more years and been unable to wear with anything!

In keeping with my head-covering mission, I wound it up into kind of a modified turban (I tied the tails with a rubber band so they could hang down in all their metallic glory instead of tucking them into the wrapping as seems to be more customary).

Then I added enormous gold earrings with a sort of leafy, sort of ornate design that I felt reflected well the embroidered details on the dress.

I felt I had a good bohemian thing going, so I put on my most hand-painted sandals and had a good frolic in the grass.

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