Saturday, August 16, 2014

Same shirt, different day

You might recognize this tank top from last week's courtroom getup. This is the outfit the way I originally intended to wear it, complete with white cardigan and matching white shoes.

These shoes were "so last year" when I bought them (last year) and their trendiness has not improved with age. So I'm a little late to the heelless high heels game, but this is only my second time wearing them, and they're still too new (to me) for me to let popular opinion ruin my fun. I love the unconventional shape, and on this pair in particular, I'm really fond of the white-stained-wood effect of the platforms (that's really just a printed vinyl coating, but a girl can pretend!).

My other favorite thing about this ensemble is the pants. They are fully reversible, so while one side looks like totally ordinary dark wash blue jeans, the other side is a completely wild purple snakeskin design. Naturally I haven't found many ways to wear the snakeskin side, but with this outfit, it works perfectly just peeking out of the cuff, since its pattern and color are so similar to that of the tank top.

The earrings just appeared on my coffee table yesterday (literally—they are hand-delivered hand-me-downs!) and they turned out to be the perfect complement to my purple color scheme.

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  1. Hey Valerie! Loved how you paired those earrings with the shirt! I ordered those from Forever 21 but they weren't quite my style cause I thought they were too big for me. They didn't let me return them and I never wore them. Glad you put them to good use!