Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Watermelon Jane

I got this lovely pink and green dress on clearance for 7 dollars last fall, and waited with infinite patience for the perfect summer occasion to wear it.

And came! My birthday! A splash of watermelon shades was just what I needed to commemorate the summer day of my entry into the world!

To make the sundress a little more office-appropriate, I covered the top with a flowy short-sleeved cardigan in yet another shade of pastel green and added pink sandals.

A few dots of pink and green in my earrings and necklace, and I was all set. Decked out in pastels and ready to party!

Or, as it happened, to go to work. The real party comes later, but I don't know if I can top this outfit.

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  1. These pictures are legitimately good pictures, and not just because the photographer is amazing.