Thursday, August 21, 2014

He liked it so he put a ring on it!

My boyfriend will be so annoyed if he reads this title—he hates that song, and we have certainly not gotten engaged...but he did buy me a ring for my birthday.

That was a pretty bold move, considering how much I've complained about being unable to wear rings....But a very well timed move, considering how I've so recently revised my ring stance. Maybe he really does read my blog after all! This ring might be one of the best ones out there for knobby fingers such as mine, because it can be bent to fit tighter once it's fully on. Plus, it's beautiful. I love it!

I promised I would blog about it the first time I wore it (whether he reads or not) and so I assembled this outfit around it.
Normally when I want to call attention to a piece of jewelry, I would try to choose clothing in a neutral or contrasting shade, but this outfit was going green all the way. With the leafy green ring and almost matching leafy green earrings, green dress, green beaded belt, there's little on it that isn't green. I almost wore it with green shoes, but ditched them at the last minute because I didn't like the way the different shades clashed.

With all that green, it's not the ring but the royal blue sweater that steals the show, but you and I know this outfit's real reason for being.

As a finishing touch, I wore my little silver kissing birds necklace. I thought it nicely reflected the silver in the ring, was a cute way to tie together the nature-y theme of green and leaves...and serves to signify the love that went into my boyfriend's gift to me! Awwwww....

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  1. I really like that shade of blue.