Monday, March 9, 2015

All Catted Up

I am thoroughly grateful to be living in an age when clothing emblazoned with cats is not the exclusive province of eccentric women who go to cat shows, but, in fact, a very trendy thing to wear (check out the 6,787 Looks featuring cats on Lookbook if you're in doubt).

The Cat Era has been going on for a good long while now—I blame the wonderful Internet and its glorious deluge of cat videos). Though I feared it might be on the downswing a few years ago, it shows no sign of slowing, and that's fine by me.

Back when I was an eccentric youngster who frequented cat shows, I accumulated a good number of cat-themed accessories and clothes, but I was always embarrassed to flaunt my love of felines quite so obviously as to actually wear them. Now the tables have turned, and I am giddy with delight every time I see clothing with cats on it that I can wear and actually look cool!

My newest cat acquisition is this pair of black shoes with white cats frolicking all over them. I wore them with a deliberately plain outfit so the shoes would get all the attention.

But you have to keep a good thing going, so I also wore my mother-of-pearl cat jewelry set. This outfit also marks the Internet debut of my new ombré hair color!

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