Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't let the sunshine fool you—it's cold out!


The temperatures around here in Maryland have finally ascended out of the 30's, and I think (hope, hope, hope) we've had the last snowfall of the year. So it's slightly ironic that I saved one of my wintriest outfits until this week. I actually planned it a few weeks ago but then got snowed in completely every time I saw fit to wear it.

Today, with rain and a predicted high of just 53 (it never made it past the mid-40s), seemed like the most opportune moment I'd have to wear so many layers until fall, so I went with it: knit beige vest over green minidress over greenish tan leggings with complementing legwarmers over my purple pumps. And a purple necklace and bracelet.

Yes, I'm back to my old green and purple tricks again.

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