Friday, May 29, 2015

An ode to my yellow floral one-shoulder top

Boy, I love this shirt. It's probably my current favorite "going out" top. It singlehandedly ignited my love for one-shoulder tops (See what I did there?). But surprisingly, I've never blogged about it, and in fact, when I first got it, I wasn't sure if I liked it at all.

It first came to me in an eBay lot almost 3 years ago. I remember looking at it when I took it out of the box and wondering, "How the heck do I wear this?". I meant both how would I wear it, in public, without feeling self-conscious, and also, how would I put it on—it was definitely an odd shape. Once I solved the latter question, it was on to the former.

When does one wear a loud tropical print with a satin sheen in an oversized silhouette? I decided: for special but semi-casual occasions. I read recently that "going-out tops" – you know, the ones that are too nice for everyday, but too revealing or flashy for work – are something you should stop wearing once you start contributing to a 401(k). In other words, I am too old for these tops, but I'm not letting that stop me (I could write a whole post on not letting the world tell you you are too old for something). The going-out top is a very useful tool in a fashion arsenal. It says, "I'm not sure if this is the kind of place where people wear fancy dresses, but I'm here to party." A fancy top with pants is not too crazy for a casual living room gathering, but it transitions gracefully into a club environment if that's where the evening takes you.

This shiny yellow beacon of a shirt is the second going-out top I ever owned (the first was this one). It's so ostentatious and memorable that I can only get away with wearing it about once a summer before it feels overused, so I can only think of 3 times I've actually worn it, but I always feel stunning when I do. The Getaround Launch Party in DC last night was the most recent occasion that I wore this top—and the first that I finally gave it the honor it's due by taking a blog photo before I left!

I felt like going all out, so after starting with my most colorful and summery top, I just kept packing on the color. Pink shoes, green earrings (which I think just slightly resembled leaves, but not so much that I might be mistaken for a tropical plant), and my brightest makeup. I originally wore blue jeans, but I didn't like the way the bottom hems interacted with the sandals, so I switched up to black capris—another first; I've never worn this shirt with anything but long pants. I think the capris were a good choice that just enhances the summery feel. In the end, I felt like I had a kind of over-the-top Carmen Miranda thing going.

While at the party, a photographer actually stopped me to tell me he liked my shirt and asked if he could take my photo! Of course I obliged. You'd think with all the fashion blogging I do, I'd be prepared to pose for a photo, but I think I might have looked a little dopey. I'll be sure and link the picture here if I find it later. But still, that's a first for me as well, and it all happened because of my glorious yellow floral one-shoulder shirt. Wow. If it wasn't my favorite going-out top before, it certainly is now!

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