Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goldfish pond

Editor's note: I wore this outfit and wrote this post early last week, but then I misplaced it and only rediscovered it today! So here, a blast from the past!

In spite of its lightweight fabric and lack of sleeves, I kept this seafoam green dress hanging in my closet all winter because I thought it might layer well, and a little bit of pastel color is the perfect way to brighten up a winter day. I think I only wore it once, with my frog tights, but all winter, I was trying to work it into other outfits.

One outfit that I half planned was this one. The white pants were good enough to keep my legs warm, but then I could not come up with a similar way to keep my arms warm (though I tried every white and greenish topper I own, they all ultimately looked too blocky or drowned me in fabric).

So the first day the weather was warm enough to go sleeveless at work, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. The solid colors would have lent themselves well to a monochrome blue-green-and-white scheme, but I really wanted to wear sandals! And even though I'd gotten out all mysummer clothes the day before, I hadn't had time to do the same with my shoes...but I happened to know my purple sandals were in a relatively accessible part of my closet.

So purple became the companion color to the green. This allowed me to wear my purple goldfish necklace, which has been waiting in the wings for months! 

So it looks like I've assembled another outfit with an aquatic theme! But did you notice something else about it? It's another (somewhat less disheveled looking) dress over pants!

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