Monday, May 18, 2015


I got sucked in again by eShakti. They keep sending me coupons for large sums of money...which sounds awesome until you realize how many more large sums of money their clothes cost. But just this once, I decided to splurge on quality, and burned $31.90 of my Anger Management Fund on this absolutely stunning green dress with an embroidered sheer top. The nice thing about eShakti is they customize their clothes to your exact height, and they'll further tailor the size, and add or remove features upon request. Of course, to an Unfashionista, paying for modifications is practically a crime, and besides, my last dress from the company had fit so well, I was confident I wouldn't have a problem with this one.

Well, of course I was wrong. Whether it was the lack of belt, an actual physical difference in size, or just a side effect of being white, this dress was too big around the waist, and it made me look fat! I actually considered sending it back and ordering another one in a custom size, but I would lose out on all my shipping money that way, so I decided to just do what I could to make it look all right.

I ended up tightening up two seams in the back by an inch or so. Not wanting to risk ruining the effect of the sheer panel by adding seams or cutting it, I stopped sewing once I reached it. This left the back of the top looking slightly bunched up, but I guess I'll take that over looking dumpy.

I wore this to work today and earned a compliment or two.

I decided to embrace the 50's silhouette this time by sporting a severe updo and a pearl bracelet. The organic aspects of the embroidery were reflected in my semi-floral earrings.

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  1. Great photos. My compliments to the photographer.