Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two straight days of rave

Some people go to music festivals and camp out there for days on end, getting sunburned all day and sleeping in mud. Unsurprisingly that's not The Unfashionista's jam (I prefer to primp, preen, and prepare in the comfort of my own home), but I do love me some EDM. So for the past two nights, I went to two separate concerts and wore some fun clothes each time.

One of the many wonderful things about electronic dance music is that the people at the concerts wear some crazy stuff! Neon colors, lights as apparel, stockings galore, tutus, and tiny bra tops are standard attire. I always love going to an EDM concert, because it gives me the opportunity to don some of my more out-there clothing.

On Thursday, I went to see Flux Pavilion, and I took the opportunity to wear my galaxy cat crop top (working my way up to tiny bra tops incrementally) for the first time. For the rest of the outfit, I went very conservative and covered-up (it was a freakishly cold and rainy day, and I was not in the mood to get cold or wet on the way there, even though once you're at a concert, you're dancing so much and there are so many people around you, you are guaranteed to feel hot) with black leggings and black combat boots.

I got glittered by a fellow concert-goer, which you can kind of see plastered all over my chest.
This shirt is just slightly DIYed by Yours Truly. I ordered it large, so I had to take in the sides slightly. And then to give it a little glimmer, I glued rhinestones onto some of the stars. None of them came off during the concert or during the wash, so I guess I finally found the right use for my fabric & plastic glue!

The second concert was Eric Prydz last night. At my very persistent urging, I got my boyfriend to come out for another night when he would have preferred to sleep. But it was worth it. We made it to the front row near the end of the show, I got to hold part of someone's flag, and I generally had a blast!

All while wearing my much more heavily DIYed sea creatures hoodie! I wore a pink tank top under it, white shorts (the better to glow in), and my old concert standby, the sequined boat shoes (this time in aqua). In some later post, I will share the process of refashioning the aforementioned hoodie, but that will be a bit too long to share today.

If you look closely, you can see that I'm also carrying my sea creatures purse that I only bring out for costumey occasions.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be getting ready for bed. Two nights of wild partying is too much for this Unfashionista!

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