Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summer is now

I know no one gets as excited about my seasonal wardrobe changes as I do, but I continue to post them, if for no other reason than personal records.

Summer came early this year. It was only a few weeks ago in April that I switched to my transitional wardrobe, and then this Sunday, only the first week in May, the forecast highs were 79 or above for the predictable future! That means I'm already putting away the bulk of my remaining wintry clothes and boots, and bringing out the sandals and tank tops!

This year, I have a smaller collection of unworn summerwear than last year—mainly because there was no massive influx of hand-me-downs in the fall, and I quit shopping cold turkey to make up for some hefty vet bills. Nonetheless, before the rabbit incident occurred, I had accumulated a fair number of warm-weather garments through wishful winter shopping. 21 of them are pictured below, but I also have added a few pairs of plain shorts and pants to my collection.

As you can see, I've acquired a couple new digitally printed tops (to keep company with the Galaxy Cat and Chat Noir shirts), the usual complement of dresses, a couple of sensible shirts and a few unsensible ones, as well as 4 pairs of sandals (one, brown lace-up flats, not pictured!).

As I was organizing my summer collection, I ran out of hangers. Completely out. I had to resort to metal dry-cleaner hangers for a few of my off-season, back-of-the-closet garments. This hasn't happened since last year when I bought a total of 146 velvet hangers to satisfy my need for uniformity and clothes that actually stay hanging. The sudden hanger shortage made me curious. 

It turns out I have 37 work-appropriate summer dresses. That's over a month's worth of unique outfits, in dresses alone! I also apparently own exactly 100 pairs of shoes, not counting the 3 that I keep at the office. So much for "keeping the total number of possessions down to acceptable levels!" I've already gotten rid of 3 of the articles pictured in my last summer-season flat-lay, and running out of hangers inspired me to cull my collection a bit, but there was surprisingly little in my closet that I felt ready to part with (I did dump a dress and 5 or 6 other things, but then yesterday I picked up a vest at the thrift store!).

So if you see me shopping for clothes any time in the next few months, kindly ask me if my wardrobe can sustain that kind of consumption.

P.S. Here is how my room looked for almost a whole day while I was trying to figure out what to do with the shoes that no longer fit in my closet.
The dog did not appreciate having his sleeping environment disturbed.

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