Saturday, January 9, 2016

Beige & Sage

Sometimes I don't think to blog my OOTD until I come up with a clever title under which to post it. Such is the case with today's, a neutral little number all in shades of beige. The sweater and the leggings have just a hint of a greenish hue, hence the "sage" part of the not-quite-rhyming title that gave me such amusement.

Contrary to the title, which just sort of fell into place, I struggled with the assembly of this outfit, building it up from actually quite different plans.

When I started, I was looking for something to wear with my green thigh-high socks, which have seen sadly too little action in the year that I've owned them. And you can see the original outfit as I planned it in my blurry "idea shot." 

Now would probably be a good time to explain that sometimes when I'm bored or trying to put together an outfit for tomorrow, I try on endless combinations of garments and take pictures of the ones that I think work, for future reference. Sometimes I wear them later. But sometimes, as in this case, I think better of my original decision.

As you can see, I wore a green tank top under the transparent sweater, but I felt it stood out too much, so I replaced it with a flesh-colored tank top instead. Since now the rest of the outfit consisted of pale neutrals, the green socks looked out of place. My green bird necklace failed to tie the whole thing together. Starting to feel like this outfit was fighting a losing battle, I suddenly remembered my beige jeggings, which also have just a hint of green in them.

Tada! They finished off the look! I was somewhat surprised to find that my beige flat booties, which I keep wanting to get rid of because they lack flair and because I hardly wore them once in the first 8 months I owned them, now keep coming in handy, beating out all my other shoes for the best pairing with this outfit.

So, this turned out to be quite an in-depth story for a post that I wasn't going to write about an outfit that was originally conceived around an article of clothing that is no longer even a part of it. Funny how things work.

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