Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Whenever I wear a short shift dress with knee-high boots (especially glossy white ones), I can't help but feel I'm channeling the sixties, even when that wasn't the intention when creating the outfit. The effect is accentuated when I dare to wear my sleeveless dress over another shirt, like these lovely fashion plates have done!

So this outfit, which was originally only a last-ditch effort to wear the grey dress I just can't seem to love (I plan to sell it now that it's had its last hurrah), has turned into an homage to all things mod.

Even the bold white earrings, which I originally wore just because they are among the few earrings long enough to peep out past my semi-shag haircut (yes, another link to the 60's), are a reflection of the big geometric shapes so popular in the mod era. In retrospect, I wish I had worn my yellow earrings in the same style, because all this grey and white is so plain! However, that gives me an opportunity to title this post "modochrome," an ingenious portmanteau of the aesthetic I exude and the tonal color scheme I have swathed myself in. I guess a clever title is at least as good as a colorful outfit.

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