Friday, January 22, 2016


Purple and pink is one of those analogous color schemes that looks absolutely stunning...but which I rarely ever wear.

I am pleased to be bringing out the combination for today's outfit, which is one of my favorite outfits of the season.

I recycled a lot of old standbys for this look. The pleather purple skirt (the one I wasn't sure I even liked when I got it) has proved its worth after nearly 2 years, always making me look polished and professional but with a bit of an edge. The ivory lace pumps are one of the first pairs of shoes I bought for my new job in 2012, and they are still one of my prized possessions (though the glue is starting to yellow). The neckerchief is a hand-me-down from my grandmother, which I've kept for my entire adult life—but it's never looked better than it does with this outfit! The pink chenille sweater is the only new addition (a gift from a friend last summer), and a right fine one it is! It fits a bit short for most outfits, but it works perfectly with the high-waisted skirt. 

I didn't wear jewelry with this outfit, because I felt like the neckerchief was doing quite enough decoration on its own.

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